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Hiring a designer to build web assets and digital icons for your site can be hard and time consuming. Describe your icons with a custom prompt, and we'll generate your assets in seconds.

Quick Feedback Loop
Our icons will generate within a few seconds so you can continously fine-tune your prompt and icon options to find the icon that works best for you.
Manage your Collection
We store all icons you've generated into the cloud so you'll never need to manage your colleciton yourself.
Variety of Options
Diversify your icons with our various presets that help you make the icons of your dreams.
Affordable Prices
We provide the most credits compared to other icon generator services. Don't get scammed paying $10 for 10 credits.
High Resolution
Your icons are high resolution of 1024x1024 so you can modify them in your favorite image editor as needed.
Social Presence
Easily share your icons on social media and get feedback from your friends.

What our users are saying

image of man in red



Probably the most Based web app. I used this application to generate a profile picture icon for my discord profile and I love it.

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Rick James


I could save money and just use DALL-E directly, but generating images on this site is so much easier.

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Bob Ross


This website is addicting. You never know what the AI will generate for you next. It's like a box of chocolates, you never know what you'll get.

image of man in red

Tony Soprano


The UI is easy to user and I like how it tracks all of my previous icons in a easy to find place.

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Walter White


I needed a logo to use for my product, and this app was just what I needed

image of man in red

Tina Seibert


I enjoy generating icons. So many cool colors, shapes, and styles to choose!

The Benefits of Generated Icons

Let's be honest, you don't have the time or money to find a designer, communicate back and forth via email, and refine your icon over and over again. Letting AI generate your icon provides many benefits.

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Save Money

Hiring a designer to create custom icons can be expensive, especially if you need a large number of icons or want to make frequent updates. Our AI icon generator tool offers more affordable pricing.

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Hiring a designer, on the other hand, can take days or even weeks, especially if the designer is working on other projects at the same time. Our digital icon generator can create custom icons quickly, often in just a few seconds.

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Our icon generator tool can ensure a consistent look and feel across all of your icons, which can be difficult to achieve if you're hiring multiple designers or working with a single designer who has a different style for each icon. This can be particularly important for branding purposes, where you want your icons to convey a consistent message and image.

a piggy bank image of someone saving money

Our AI icon generator tools offer a high degree of customizability, allowing you to adjust the colors, shapes, and other aspects of the icons to fit your specific needs. This can be more difficult to achieve with a designer, who may have limited time or resources to make extensive customizations.

Our tool is a great choice for web application developers who want to create custom icons quickly, affordably, and with a high degree of consistency and customizability. While a designer may still be necessary in certain cases, an AI icon generator can be a valuable addition to your design toolkit.

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